The Algorithmic Regime: Decoding the digital image

Mick O’Hara presented “The Algorithmic Regime: Decoding the digital image” `at the The InHuman Gaze and Perceiving Otherwise Conference at the Centre Culturel Irlandais, in Paris on the 8th of June.

The paper, sought the explore the claim that in the age of what has been termed the ‘post-digital’ our system of perception now lies enmeshed within the omnipresence of a technological or digital gaze. By mobilizing the writings and artwork of Hito Steyerl, the paper argues that through the digital image we become in a sense world-makers by the production and transmission of such digital images. It explored Steyerl’s claim that each of us are artists and as such we should reject the idea of the digital image as mere visual information. Instead we should invoke our roles as makers and interpreters of images and by doing so contest the politics of representation inherent within the digital base itself.

Mick O’Hara presenting at The InHuman Gaze Conference

(Panel: Chair- Christinia Landry, Rosi Braidotti, Richard S. Lewis, Jonas Oßwald.

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