EARN (EUROPEAN ARTISTS RESEARCH NETWORK) conference. October 13th/14th 2016 LUCA School of Arts, Brussels.

Cathy O’Carroll presented a Performance – Palimpsest – at this two-day international conference.  The conference drew attention to what it means for art to exhibit bringing together research projects that integrate processes of artistic agency and mediation in the field of contemporary art and visual culture at large. Its aim was to explore the notions of curation and display/exhibition as artistic research practices.






: Men (Pause)

: Women (Pause)

: Children (Pause)

: Fawns (Pause)

: Deer (Pause)

: Stags with huge antlers (Pause)

: Women with antlers (Pause)

: A woman, with hair like antlers…and a penis… (Pause)


: 2 Women give birth to snails (Pause)

: The theme of doubles is persistent…


: Twins (Pause)

: Twin orbs (Pause)

: 2 in a bath (Pause)

: And couples (Pause)

: Coupling (Pause)

: Copulating (Pause)

: Reproducing (Pause)

: Replenishing… (Pause)

: And the piece pauses for a moment on this image, 3 seconds, a breath (Pause)

A light piano refrain tinkles…

: Echoes peace, resolution, stillness, completion…

: For this moment, the throbbing soundtrack stops Allowing music and image to play a little longer… Remain, a little longer.

(Excerpts from PALIMPSEST by Cathy O’Carroll)