Venice 1
I See Birds Flying over the White House


The Aesthetics Group performing at the Research Pavilion @ the Venice Biennale.





In June 2015 The Aesthetics Group produced an essay, titled Turn, turn, turn: Civic Instrumentalisation and the Promotion of Autonomy in Contemporary Arts Funding, for the European Society for Aesthetics 7th Annual Conference, reflecting on the economic instrumentalisation of Arts policy in contemporary Ireland.





Please see a copy of our paper in the ESA Conference Proceedings 2015 :




In December of 2013 we conducted an interview with French philosopher Bernard Stiegler as part of a conference organised through GradCAM. Stiegler’s work examines themes such as technology, time, individuation and politics  in our society.  We responded to this interview by publishing an article In Response to Bernard Stiegler: A Pharmacological  Avant-Garde, which addressed the different modalities of the avant-garde that Stiegler proposes in his work.