Cathy O’Carroll

I am a theatre lighting designer and second year scholar with GradCAM, School of Creative Arts and Media, D.I.T.  My practice is concerned with the material and psychic authoring of space that occurs in the art event. My research attempts to position the agency of this scenic space, within wider processes of psychic, social, & political transformation. I use philosopher Bernard Stieglers construction of the ‘amateur’ as a lens through which to interrogate the interactive and interrelational potential of scenography focusing particularly on site based, performance.

Recent conference papers on this topic.  – “Authored site as ‘amateur’ space” (IFTR annual conference 2016) and “Local identity & National Brand: Contesting ‘amateur’ identity through scenography” (TaPRA 2016), “Exhibiting the Amateur” (EARN 2016). Scenographic Performances – “Palimpsest’ (EARN 2016), ‘Mask-Track-Merge’ (Choreographic’ Research Pavilion@ Venice 2017)

Most recent lighting design – ‘Dubliners Women’ (Katie O’Kelly, Dir Sarah Baxter, National Tour 2017).’ Ledwidge’ (Gerroid Humphries, Dir Anthony Fox, National Tour 2017). ‘Ireland Shed a Tear’ (Michael Collins, Dir. Anthony Fox, Dublin Theatre Festival, 2016.)  ‘Hamlet’ (adapted & dir, by Peter Reid, The New Theatre, 2016), ‘Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man’, (James Joyce adpted by Tony Chesterman, dir. Jimmy Faye, National/European Tour 2015/16).