‘CHOREOGRAPHIC’ at the Research Pavilion @ Venice. 28th & 29th June 2017

Cathy O’Carroll presented–Mask-Track-Merge at the Research Pavilion, 28th-29th June 2017.


This performance responded to both the Research pavilion’s central theme of ‘Utopia’s of access’ as well as that of the ‘Choreographic’. Mobilising the work of Gilbert Simondon along with verbatim testimony to reflect on the masking and unmasking of the skill of backstage labour.

This was a two-day research event consisting of talks, discussions, workshops and performances / Valand Academy in collaboration with GradCAM, Dublin and the Department of Art, Goldsmiths.

“CHOREOGRAPHIC aimed to test, interrogate and animate the valence of choreographic registers for artistic and cultural work within contemporary socialities.”




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